Set and Forget Profitable 20 Automated Niche Blogs

Done For You Viral Affiliate Sites

All You Need To Do Is Promote As Many Or As Few Offers Trending Virally, SEND TRAFFIC AND GET PAID!

Deliver Massive Value To Your Customers And Shortcut Their Product Creation With This High-Quality Automated Websites, Never-Seen-Before PLR Biz-In-A-Box!

20+ Done For You Niche Blogs

Here’s is How Smart Niche Blogs Works to Make You Money with Pre-Built Multiple Income Streams

Sell Amazon Products

Smart Niche Blogs read the contents you have on your site and automatically fetches relevant Amazon products on the web and display it inside ads for your website viewers. Make profit through effective affiliate product implementation.

Monetize with Adsense and Banner Ads

You can easily add banner or AdSense ads by using our easy to use options panel and start generating revenue instantly.

Build List and Sell Affiliate Products

Easily build your list through our integrated newsletter options available for you to add in all the most converting places. Then utilize your list to cash in on product sales and affiliate promotions!

Set and Forget Content Curation Engine

You won’t have to go through the PAIN of having to update your Smart Bog site every day or even every week you can sit back and relax while all the HARD WORK is done for you.  In fact, everything is done for you and in an EASY set and forget setup that you can go on for days or even weeks without a care in a world about accessing your site.Everything is automated! Highly engaging images, Posts, and fresh videos will be posted automatically on your Niche Blogs and the traffic and engagement continues just set it up once and it will run on its own! Premium plugin installed and video tutorials included.

All-in-One Product

ٍAutomated Niche Blogs is a complete product in itself, it comes with a modern and sleek website that you anyone can easily manage and install. And it also includes a powerful plugin which helps you curate contents by searching the latest and popular videos or blog posts using the power of RSS feeds.

You don’t even have to worry about contents anymore! Content creation just became worried free now you can easily find trending images and topics of your chosen niche in an instant!

Seamless Social Media Integration

engagement is guaranteed without spending a dime for paid website traffic or advertisement. Automated Niche Blogs pulls viral content from leading viral sites using powerful search feature.

Make sure to curate and post current fresh videos and blog entries only and great numbers should immediately follow.

Easy Site Monetization through Amazon Affiliate and Adsense

Aside from social media, online shopping has also been a popular trend lately. With Automated Niche blogs easy  Amazon integration you can easily search and display products on your website that are relevant to customers needs and interests, which will result in more profit.

With Amazon Adsense or any other affiliate program you can easily monetize the traffic that goes into your site. You don’t even have to have your own product to sell.

Powerful Opt-in and Newsletter Option

Utilize the built-in opt-in form on your Smart Blog [Premium Vitraffic plugin installed]  and get the leads that you need. Emails can be used for further marketing campaigns and best way to get in touch with your audience.

Automated Niche Blogs not only allows you to drive traffic and earn more commissions. You can also harness the power to build a list which will provide income on an ongoing basis forever.


Have A Good Look At The Killer And Easily “Flippable” Niche Websites You Are About To Get Access To….

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Who Can Use Automated Niche Blogs?

Everyone! Anyone can use this Powerful Automated Niche Blogs and the business strategy that we have formulated! Whether you are a skilled marketer or complete newbie you should find this useful WordPress Smart blogs and greatly beneficial.

Newbie Marketers

Easily setup your very first and even personal site in minutes, add and curate contents and start getting traffic in a day.

Facebook Marketers

Smart Blog has a premium plugin installed, it reads the contents you have on your site and automatically fetches relevant Amazon products on the web and display it for your website viewers.

Affiliate Marketers

In order to sell your affiliate products you don’t need to built your affiliate site from scratch and write update content manually. Smart Blogs does it all on autopilot.


Monetize your personal or niche blog entries by adding appropriate products to your Smart Blog, you don’t even have to rely on advertisement to earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need this?

And these are Legitimate income from actual products coming from Amazon and Adsense ads shows on your blogs! You don’t even have to constantly update it and the site earns for itself! You can easily achieve this too, give this Automated Niche Blogs a try and you won’t only be getting traffic but also recurring income.

Q: I don’t have any skills or experience?

That’s ok, Automated Niche Blogs system is absolute newbie friendly you don’t need experience. With Our easy to use tutorials set up this system once and your site will grow automatically.

Q: Is it a WordPress based system?

Yes, it is WordPress system with detailed training on how to install and create Automated Niche sites. With our detailed knowledge base, even newbie can create sites.

Q: I don’t have much time or money, can I still do this?

Absolutely. Automated Niche Blogs was designed for people just like you! People who can’t afford to blow hundreds on website creation before they’ve even started. People who want to attract FREE leads from Google, social media and other search engines. We’ll show you how to deliver the services your website offers, and if you don’t have time, you can outsource it!

Q: Do you offer sales support?

Absolutely. Not that you’ll need it, but if you do, we’re here for you. You can reach out to us we have special facebook group for this. You’ll also get free lifetime updates too!

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